Best AC Repair in Kakinada

ac repair in Kakinada

AC Repair in Kakinada

Vasista offers the Best AC service in Kakinada. We are noted as the best AC service center near your location(me).
Our Features:

  • Best service at your doorsteps
  • AC service warranty for 1 month
  • Experienced & Professional Technicians
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 Support Services
  • Quick & Reliable Service

Why Choose Vasista Service Center for AC Service

Ensuring a comfortable temperature in both the office and home is crucial, regardless of external weather conditions. Repairing a breakdown or defect can incur significant expenses. Therefore, opting for regular air-conditioning service and maintenance is recommended to operate it efficiently at a lower cost.

We have highly Professional and experienced AC technicians to serve you better to put air conditioners in good condition in Kakinada.

ac technician in visakhapatnam

Experienced Technicians:

All the Technicians in Vasista Company are Experienced and Professional in AC repair service.

AC Service Warranty in Visakhapatnam

AC Service Warranty:

We provide a service warranty for 1 Month for the AC service we perform.

100% customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction:

We work for 100% customer satisfaction with our service & also alert them for the next maintenance.

ac service cost in visakhapatnam

Service Charge:

We maintain a uniform service cost for all customers, emphasizing a high level of transparency in our AC repair services.

online and offline payment options available

Online & Offline Payment:

The payment system is flexible for customers, customers can pay offline after completion of service or they can pay online.

best ac service in visakhapatnam

AC Brands We Serve :

All AC brands can be repaired at your doorsteps.

How to Book AC Service with Us?

Simply visit our Vasista website and navigate to the “AC Repair in Kakinada” section under the Services category. Complete the inquiry form or reach out to us directly via phone. Explore the straightforward 4-step process to hire an AC technician in Kakinada.

4 Easy Steps

To Hire Pocket-Friendly AC Technicians in Kakinada.

Step 1: Choose your type of AC

We serve all types of AC’s split, window, central

Step 2: Just select the service you need

We do repairs, installation & service for all ACs.

Step 3: Schedule your time for repairing

We service from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Step 4: Hassle-Free Service

Our AC technician will be in touch with you for the service

Looking for a Professional AC Service Center?

Find your solution for professional AC service in Kakinada with Vasista Company. We connect you with skilled AC repair technicians in your area.

Benefit from our cost-effective online air conditioning services in Kakinada, covering AC gas filling, installation, filter replacement, and more. Avail of doorstep services near your location.

We also provide timely reminders for scheduled AC maintenance and services, accessible online or through our AC mechanics. Our dedicated service partners excel in repairing major brands, ensuring customer satisfaction.

AC Brands we serve

What is the Cost of AC Service?

The cost of AC service varies from service to service, depending on the type of AC, damage that happened. We do Ac installation, gas leak, gas filling, ac uninstallation, etc. at a reasonable price.

Service Type Window AC Split AC
AC Service 500 Rs  400 Rs 500 Rs  400 Rs
AC Installation Service 1500 Rs  1,200 Rs 2000 Rs  1,500 Rs
AC Wet & Dry Service 2000 Rs  1,600 Rs 2000 Rs  1,600 Rs
AC Capacitor Service 800 Rs  500 Rs 800 Rs  500 Rs

Quick turnaround and good service. Keep up the good work

Ac installation work was done by vasista ac repair people. they are on time and completed on time.

I gave my laptop for repair, my laptop repaired in 2 days at less price. best services provided by Vasista.

Why AC Servicing is Necessary?

Maintaining an adequate temperature in the office and home is important irrespective of outside climatic conditions. Repairing a breakdown or defect can be very expensive, hence it is suggested to go for air-conditioning schedule service and repair to make it work at less cost.

Finding an ac repair professional could be the toughest job. Booking an Ac professional at Vasista Company is a hassle-free job.

About AC Service

India experiences diverse climatic conditions, with varying temperatures from state to state. Summers, especially in certain cities, can become excessively hot and challenging. Many individuals rely on air conditioning units to combat heatwaves. A well-maintained AC not only cools the room quickly but also contributes to lower power bills compared to other AC units.

Therefore, to ensure optimal performance, everyone needs to engage the services of a professional AC technician for repairs in Kakinada.

AC installation:

Choose the air conditioning unit installation at your home service. Our technician will check & ensure the condition of AC and gas pressure and cooling time after installation.

AC Un-installation:

We help smooth the un-installation process by handling the ac with proper care and ensure proper un-installation has been done.

AC Cleaning Services:

We clean end to end of your ac unit. Ac filters, cooling coils, condenser coil, outer panel, drain washed to make ac works with full capacity.


Choose this option for the repair of your AC. The professional will check the AC upon visit and provide the best service depending on the condition of the appliance.

ac service in kakinada

What are the Most Common AC Problems?

Here are some common air conditioner problems to get the air conditioner running in excellent condition:

Refrigerant Leaks: Low refrigerant levels can affect the cooling efficiency of the AC system. Refrigerant leaks may require professional attention to locate and repair the source of the leak.

Thermostat Issues: Incorrect thermostat settings or a malfunctioning thermostat can lead to temperature inconsistencies and discomfort. Calibrating or replacing the thermostat may be necessary.

Condenser Issues: Problems with the condenser unit, such as dirt accumulation, can hinder heat dissipation. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keep the condenser working efficiently.

Fan Problems: Issues with the fan, either in the indoor air handler or the outdoor unit, can lead to poor airflow or no cooling. Fan malfunctions may require repair or replacement.

best ac repair in kakinada

AC Repair & Service in Kakinada

Get your AC repaired by Vasista company AC professionals.

AC Refrigerant Leak

Air condition leak reduces the efficiency and takes more time to cool the room as per the set temperature.

Dirty Air Filter

Clean air inside the room can be achieved with a dirt-free air filter. After visiting customers for AC repair service in Kakinada, we suggest our customers clean air filters every 4 to 5 months.  We send reminders to them not to miss it to make the AC run with full efficiency and to cool the room in less time and less consumption of electricity.

Failure of Electric Control

It is recommendable to have a stabilizer in an air conditioning unit because frequent on/off of the power supply hurts the compressor, condenser motor, and blower motor are connected making a connection to start the unit. Power fluctuation can prevent the compressor and motor from turning on.

AC Fan Failure

AC fan is located outdoors where heat inside the room is transferred. Malfunctioning of a fan causes irregular heat transfer and leads to compressor overheat. In a few situations, there is a chance of internal damage which could lead to the replacement of an air conditioner.

Important AC Maintenance Recommendations?

Please check out the air conditioning unit recommendations to have safe & efficient running of the AC unit.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of air filters.
  • Check if any drain clogs
  • Protect compressor from outside conditions.
  • Regular cleaning of Evaporator coils
  • Maintenance of condenser coil
  • Cleaning coil fins

If you have no idea of the above-mentioned recommendations, please contact us for the best ac repair technician in Kakinada.

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important ac recommendations


AC Repair in Kakinada

Vasista company Provides the best AC Repair in Kakinada at your home.
The main and basic function of the air conditioning unit is to remove hot air and pump cool air to achieve the set temperature in the environment.
In the olden days, air conditioning was a luxury but nowadays it is more of a need everywhere like homes, offices multiplexes & shopping malls, etc.

Types of AC Services offered by Vasista in Kakinada

We service a wide range of Air conditioners like commercial air conditioners, portable air conditioners, Split AC Service, Window AC service, Split AC  installation, and Window AC installation.

For AC Service, there are 2 types to choose from Dry AC Service: It consists of cleaning of AC filter, cooling coil, blades, and blower wheels. Also, the pressure of AC gas and water leakage will be checked thoroughly.

Wet AC Service: It consists of cleaning of AC filter, drain pipe, cooling coil, and condenser coil. Also, the pressure of AC gas and water leakage will be checked thoroughly. Once you select the kind of AC Service you want, the technician will quote the price. With the help of Vasista AC service, you don’t have to look out for an AC service center in Kakinada anymore! Book now.

If you can’t see the problem you are facing listed here, don’t worry; we probably can still help you.

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Give us a call at +91 7013 65 20 50 and our friendly customer support team will be more than happy to answer any questions about your problem.

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